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Starting our company 4 years ago, based on a revolutionary charcoal concept: The birth of 44! Today we cooperate with Aladin to daily conquer new markets with our liquids and delight our costumers!
Quality Tobacco
The joint efforts between these two hookah enthusiasts is great for the industry. The company’s combined synergy and partnership will allow for greater advancement in the future. Anytime two globally recognized brands combine, it means that they have found a common value in each other and now share the type of quality and vision that produces success for everyone.
Hookah Flavors
The company of Aladin has been a relevant partner of ours for many years. Their cooperation stands out for its high level of professionalism. Furthermore we see Aladin as one of the reasons our brand succeeded the way it did. This strengthened our desicion to declare them our exclusive partner for the German market.
Coconut Charcoal
Aladin e.K., the biggest & best shisha platform for Germany, is one of Three Kings’ oldest, most loyal and esteemed customers. They have single-handedly opened up the huge shisha market in Germany to Three Kings’ high quality charcoal tablets. We at Three Kings value the friendly, cooperative relationship with Aladin e.K. highly.
Dutch Charcoal
Aladin combines reliable performance with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Those characteristics make them an especially appreciated sales partner of ours. With a specialized but far-reaching assortment, stable distribution channels and international customers they offer our product the ideal of a Plattform. We're looking back to 5 years of close cooperation and are looking forward to
Belgian Charcoal BV
Pioneering in waterpipe businesses hits the first Bavarian hookah lounge, once starting with the 'HookahMag'. Today the company of Aladin retails our innovative hookahSqueeze worldwide. Our product is not only in good hands with them, it's also in the right ones! hookahLove loves Aladin!
High quality hookah products
Probably the most reliable and capable Company in the Hookah industry. We have started this Joint Venture in 2015 and are now conquering Europe with our finest Hookah-Molasses. We are proud to be part of the Aladin Family!
Jordanian Tobacco Agency
Pioneers United! Nakhla Tobacco is the world leading Hookah Tobacco manufacture - it has never been a question, who might be the most important Tobacco-Distributor in Europe. Aladin was the Pioneer for Hookahs & Charcoal - no doubt, that this is our partner! We are now working since almost 20 years very successful with Aladin in Germany and are looking forward to the fruitful future!
Egyptian Tobacco Agency
For many years now our shipping company cooperates with Aladin and it's our pleasure to see a first small business expanding year by year and now conquers new markets regularly! We appreciate our cooperation and are very proud of being part of their growth.
Monika Schöffel