Why with us

We don't just import the products, we're manufacturer. You want to learn more about how our products are fabricated, which materials we use and the working conditions? Our supply-chain-management is up for any of your questions! We belive in total transparency=total customer satisfaction!
You're unhappy with your delivery or rather with your recived product? Feel free to relay on our standardzed claim procedure. Contact us via mail reklamation@aladin-shisha.de and our team is looking foward to help!
It has never been that easy to arrange yourself with the whole range of hookah equipment: as a general supplier there's nothing hookah-related we can't offer you. You're in search for charcoal, tobacco, mouthpieces or steaming proucts? Check out our shop and make a find!
Since its foundation in 1987 we proudly look back on a history of pioneering and trading expertise. More than 2.300 satisfied customers and over a million sold hookahs are the showing signs of our quality and competence. Join us on our way to the next decade!
All of our brands function as representatives of the company Aladin, so it's not suprising we always keep an eye on maintaining the high quality of our products to meet the international standards. All our certificates, test reports and norms are available on call.
Being one of the globally leading wholesalers for hookahs you're product will be found all over the orld. Cooperating with partners in more than 70 countries we offer you the opportunity to be represented in international markets. You're planning to expand you're businesses globally and you are on the look for
All of our partners have access to an exclusive network of suppliers and market experts we have built up over the past 25 years. You have a new product to enter the market? Cotact us at info@aladin-shisha.de and we'll find coactive the right approach for you and your product!
The team of Aladin is available 365 days a year. Reach out for us via mail, social media, phone or fax, we'll do everythig in our power to be on hand for our costumers and to answer their questions best way possible.

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What we offer

Our efficiant and any times refillable lighters are universally usable. Optimal suited for BBQ and lighting up hookah charcoal! And there are many
The birth of bamboo charcoal set the stage for the downfall of conventional charcoal. The fact of bamboo being one of the fastest regrowing natural
From clay heads, tubes, windshields, diffusores, aluminium foil to the traditional charcoal tong; We offer you everything a waterpipe user needs and
In Germany it's illegal to retail moist tobacco. But we can offer you all it takes to perfectly prepare you for your hookah-enjoyment! We provide
A textbook example of evolution... Our hookahs behave pretty similar to Rome, they were not built in a day! All of our waterpipes have a long story
The Company of Aladin has always been interested in the newest innovations and developments of products in the hookah business. And they have a lot
Steaming is the new smoking! Steaming products work with no nicotine, solids nor fume particulates! The consumer will inhalete the finest liquid
Very latest 2015 you might have heard about e-cigarettes- First alternative to the traditional cig. Diverse, with a wide variety of tastes and the

Who's whith us

Nubia Tobacco
A German company specialized on creating steaming and smoking flavors. Their Sonic Liquids enrich
Fantasia Tobacco
A premium hookah shisha brand specializing in cocktail drink and party life flavors. 100% Hand Made
HookahSqueeze is a nicotine-free hookah steaming paste, presented to the world in April 2014 at the
Three Kings Products
By staying focused on product quality, Three Kings Incense soon became the leading incense producer
Belgian Charcoal BV
Belgian Charcoal is a world leader in charcoal businesses, specialized and pioneering on 100%
Nakhla Tobacco
  The first hookah-tobacco in the world! We are the world of flavors. As the german main importer
Mazaya Tobacco
Inspired by the beautiful moments in life the aim of Mazaya is to communicate bondings between
TOM Cococha
Igniting Charcoal made out of 100% regrowing resources! For over 25 years the company of Tom

what we service

From now on you'll get all the worldwide hookah-news right from your scree. We're always looking for reviewers, fairs are being prepared, new polls start running and innovative products need to be introduced. Don't miss your chance to take part in one of our lotteries! Award of the Year, product of the month or just to stay up to date: We got your back!
Who with whom and where to go with my review? We need you! What should be changed, what is perfectly fine the way it is? What products are you wishing for, what is the flavor we haven't been thinking of yet? Tell us your mind-we make it reality!

Where? Worldwide!

Our products can be found all over the planet and our daily mission is to expand this network even more- And even the furthest corners are not too far for us!
Your country is not yet supplied by our company or rather you'd like to offer your product in one of those countries? Contact us and conjointly we'll figure out how to make it possible- Since expanding is high on our list!