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What we do

The Aladin Waterpipes are produced in several locations in Egypt. High-quality standards and funded know-how is what makes our products bestsellers. Our aim is to offer quality for fair prices. Te dip tube of our hookah is made out of stainless steel to make it rustproof; the different parts are connectable through a glass-srew and contain an integrated glass-ball. Additional we provide our products with all the necessary accessories- Ready to Go!

We don't see the order transaction to be done by the the loading rack; as a manufacturer and wholesaler we see it as part of our job to offer you the best service and comfort possibe!
The best logistcians work for us and make us able to take services you might need. Teamed up with our listed partners we do not only take charrge of the shipping if required; we are also specialists for insurances, transporting dangerous goods, export declarations and container deliveries for air path, seaway and overland! You ask for it- Aladin and all of our partners will do best possible to supply all your wants!


Handcrafted bottles
Unique pipes for unique moments!
Tobacco- and Steamproducts
Limitless diversity
Because boredom is the enemy!
Flavor Enhancer
Because sometimes
Basic is just not enough
Quality charcoal
For every occasion!
We offer you all 
Your hookah-heart desires!

All our products can be found at every specialized selling point.