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Make History

Back to the future! This is how 30 years of waterpipes look like, pictured in our catalogs

Aladin "Just Relax" 2004

2004 we released our first ever catalog. Including our fist collection of hookahs... 

Aladin "Next Generation" 2006

In 2006 Aladin Waterpipes launched its second generation of hookahs. One of the biggest improvements was the adjustments of our valve-system, which allowed the user to outlet the old fume. In the 00s hookahs were all about being small, simple and low-priced; no wonder our ‘Fatota’ and ‘Habibi’ made a huge market right in their first months. Out of these two we developed our ‘Fata Morgana’ and 3rd Generation low-budget-group. On top of that we provided first time ever every single online-, grow-, head- and specialized shop with 2.000 of our catalogs! 

Aladin "Revolution" 2008

In January 2008 Aladin released its 3rd Generation of hookahs and it held some innovations. For the first time the catalog introduced Mola Mix and Mizo Tobacco as an addition to the assortment. When the ‘Magier’ and ‘Caligraphy’ line turned out to become our bestsellers we decided to take them over to our next catalog. But also in general the first years of the 00s the hookah started to trend and our company was the first able to present its products in a catalog!
A few items out of our ‘Revolution’ are still being imported to Germany till this day and of course is still as loved as it was on Day 1!

Aladin "Evolution" 2010

2010 was the year we came up with an innovative new system- it’s the 4th Generation of hookahs! From now on our Waterpipes are connected with an original screw thread, which is integrated directly to the bottleneck. To make it easier to clean the column of smoke now can be disassembled, the stainless steel tube will maintain. For a pure smoking experience and to prevent a formation of rust all the valves will be equipped with glass balls. Our latest tobacco heads have a bump to avoid the molasses from dripping and soiling the column of smoke.

Aladin "Origins" 2014

Be original. Two words. One mission. One collection. The developer of our hookahs wanted to create expressive waterpipes for strong characters. With this collection our aim was to offer the stationary, mobile and digital retailers an added value to their assortments. With our 4th catalog we want to introduce you with our latest collection

Meet the Origins!