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Born 1986

The company of Aladin deals with waterpipes, hookah-tobacco, -charcoal and –accessories. We’ve been here long time before the hype started- and we contributed an essential part to the European ‘hookah-mania’. Aladin Kotb started trading oriental craftworks before arranging himself with a young, dynamic team to become one of the global leading wholesale brands for hookah products!



20 years ago you couldn’t imagine seeing young people sitting in the greens, sunning at the pool or meeting up in lounges while smoking flavored tobacco. Only a few years ago it was still seen in a bad light, associated with bongs, cannabis or even crack. Right in these unappreciative terms Aladin Kotb decided to establish his company. His aim was to produce and distribute hookahs, tobacco and accessories while transferring Europe the message of coming together and enjoying each other’s company while relaxing with the sweet taste of flavored tobacco. And he succeeded! Although no one ever dared to picture a hookah-mania in the dimension as we experience it nowadays!

Shisha Dudism Forever!

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