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Who we are

2015, The tobacco fair in London is where we closed and celebrated our exclusive deal with the American brand 'Fantasia'- On that occasion a giant hookah can't be missing!
In 2007 at the lifestyle fair 'MACEF' we reached out for a new country to be called our partner: Italy!
The interTabak-Fair in Dortmund resembles a class reuninion with all our international customers and partners, 2014 we met up again with our partners from Russia, China and Bavaria!
The company of Aladin advances to the premier league! Thanks to some strong straddles we finally are where we belong to: on top!
This is the original hookah gang. A quadruple 160 squarefeet office with the biggest smile of them all!
Germany, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Chemnitz! We got it all and Deutschland, Iran, Libanon, Syrien, Türkei, Somalia und Chemnitz! Multiculturalness at its best- Stubbornness should certanly learn some
10 am and they're all shouting: "GOOOOAAL!" 8 matches and 8 victoies made the Aladin Dreamteam worthy tournament champions!
InterTabak 2015 and Team Aladin is at the forefront!
TPC Las Vegas honored us with the product of the year 2015! There are times you win and there are times the others don't!
Our sales manager Peter Turkamani bowes out after 9 years of hookah businesses to become a pizza champ!
The Aladin-Dreamteam takes home the titel!
It's not only the climbing wall where we need to work as a team! Joint work is what makes Aladin succeeding for over decades!

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Trainee phone: +49 611 880 4650 l.ferreira@aladin-shisha.de

Thoughts about us

Starting our company 4 years ago, based on a revolutionary charcoal concept: The birth of 44! Today we cooperate with Aladin to daily conquer new markets with our liquids and delight our costumers!
The joint efforts between these two hookah enthusiasts is great for the industry. The company’s combined synergy and partnership will allow for greater advancement in the future. Anytime two globally recognized brands combine, it means that they have
The company of Aladin has been a relevant partner of ours for many years. Their cooperation stands out for its high level of professionalism. Furthermore we see Aladin as one of the reasons our brand succeeded the way it did. This strengthened our