What we stand for

The world of hookah in one company

The comany of Aladin deals with hookahs, hookah-tobacco, charcoal and hookah related accessories since 1986. We've been here before the 'Hookah-Mania' catched Europe- and we're partly and proudly responsible for that! Shisha- Dudism Forever! Learn more about the history of our company   


What we do

We are the leading manufacturer in hookah businesses with the experience of more than 25 years. Over one million handcrafted waterpipes and counting!
As the connecting piece among the oriental East and the occidental West we made a harmonic agreement to link the traditions of hookah to the high standards of modern designs.
Light up my Fire! There's no joy without the perfect charcoal setting. Since 1986 it's our spadework in terms of coconutshell- and bamboo-charcoal in Europe!

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We consider ourselves as a flexible and emerging company coined by our high level of team spirit and pleasure for the work we do. Highest expectations for the quality and aesthetic of our products make our company unmistakable and give us the urge to actively create our upcoming future. Fairness, reliability, professionalism and never without a litle touch of humor in challenging situations are what our philosophy is made of.      Access to an exclusive networkProfessionalism and reliability for more than 25 yearsManargerial skills   complainment processingReplacement